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Help an unwell woman put together her Paris restaurant list, please.

debkurt | Oct 29, 201108:55 PM

I am what you might call sick as a dog, but I'm going to Paris in three weeks. I have a chronic illness, it is always here, and I can stay home with it, or I can travel with it. I choose to travel.

In my earlier post, I asked for help in picking comfortable places, with some comfort food, and above all, very good food.

We will be staying very Saint Germain de Pres church, and would love a good dinner, close by, on our first evening.

I really need your help. I seldom cry sick, but this time, I'm weak and confused and looking for directions.

Here is what I have been writing to present to this group:

I had posted earlier that I would put my list of needs and wants for Paris together and get your help.

About the trip:
We will arrive in Paris on November 23 and depart on November 29, having 6 full days and nights in the city.

We are staying in a small apartment near the intersection of rue de Grenelle and Blvd. St Germaine. We plan to use the kitchen for coffee, snacks and perhaps a picnic meal or two; no cooking.

The purpose of the trip is to escape a high pressure situation at home, to see a lot of art, and to eat good food.

Because I have a chronic illness, I really don’t want to work hard on this trip. I had mentioned earlier that I didn‘t want to deal with reservations that are hard to get. I’m sticking with that. I’m ready to reserve all our meals, with the help of our rental agency, but I don’t want to stress over any of it.

There are some dishes that I would love to have while in Paris. Things that I love are chocolate mousse, profiteroles, and most things that are made from darkly rich chocolate. A great chocolate dessert that I enjoyed in Paris was a chocolate fondant slice at Maitre Albert. This was fantastic, but a skimpy serving.

We like potatoes and one of the best dishes I had on our visit two years ago was a small jar of whipped sweet potatoes at Chez L’ami Jean. Sadly the rest of the meal was not memorable, and we were seated with two men who were distractingly chatty with us.

Love cheese. Best cheese plate I’ve had was at Le Grand Vefour. A nice cheese plate or cheese service is always a favorite of mine.

We also really foie gras, including as an ingredient. We’ve had a soup with a foie gras hunk served in it, and it was delicious.

I like steak. My husband likes fish. We both like lamb and pork. We both like oysters and would love some garlicky escargot. We love good bread.

Wine is not an issue; I don’t drink and my husband will order a glass or two.

I am dreaming of rich comforting food. I don’t mind small spaces, but I would rather not be too cramped. Pleasant service would be a comfort, too.


We have been to Bistrot Paul Bert and thought it was nothing special.

Been twice to Fish – La Boissonnerie, and won’t go back.

I didn’t love Le Gaigne.

We are going to several art exhibits, and because of that, we want to leave our days free and spend our evenings at dinner.

Our budget is about 100 euro per dinner. As I said, my husband will be drinking a glass or two of wine, or maybe a small pichet in a casual place.

So, of course we are looking for fresh food, well prepared. Innovative is nice, but for this trip, not the most important thing.

Here are the names I’ve saved. I would love feedback, keeping my criteria in mind. Please help me whittle to six dinner.

We like Christophe and woulod consider a return.

Le Florimond
Le Tastevin
Le Reminet

Restaurant L’Ardoise
28 rue du Mont-Thabor +33 1 42 96 28 18
Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner, and on Sunday for dinner

Spring Restaurant
6 rue Bailleul +33 1 45 96 05 72
Open Tuesday-Saturday for dinner, lunch on Friday only

Le Tir Bouchon

Le Chardenoux des Près
27 rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris + 33 1 45 48 29 68
Open every day lunch and dinner

Le Cristal de Sel

Le Petit Verdot

Les Fines Gueules
43, rue Croix des Petits Champs (1st)
Tél: 01 42 61 35 41

Café des Musees

Regelade St Honore
L Violon d’Ingres

Le Bistro des Gastronomes, 10 rue Cardinal Lemoine, 5th, Tel. 01-43-54-62-40. Metro: Cardinal Lemoine or Maubert Mutualite. Closed Saturday lunch and Monday. Sunday "Buffet Campagnarde." Prix-fixe 35 Euros. Average a la carte 40 Euros.

Lilane, 8 rue Gracieuse, 5th, Tél. 01-45-87-90-68. Metro: Place Monge. Closed Sunday and Monday. Lunch menus 16 Euros and 20 Euros. Dinner menu 32 Euros. A la carte 35 Euros.

Casse Noix because it is close and I heard it was good.
Restaurant - Bistrot

56, rue de la Fédération
75015 Paris

Tel. 01 45 66 09 01
Fermé samedi et dimanche

I would love help finalizing the list. Money is a concern but it we stay in the 100 range for just food for two, we should be good.

I'm have honestly been pretty sick, so comfortable rooms with comfortable people serving delicioujs food in a warm kind manner sounds nice.

CLAJ isnt on the list because last time we had to sit with two guys that we weren't anxious to become frineds with, while they were dying to know us, althoug god knows why.

Please help, this is getting harder as i am weaker than I was a few weeks ago.


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