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What's your unusual/unique service tale??


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What's your unusual/unique service tale??

eve | May 4, 2006 09:29 PM

I am home sick with the flu so the last thing I am thinking about is eating food. But I was remembering an incident a few years ago that made me chuckle--so to lift my spirit (and others here), I am looking for your tale of dining in, take out, etc. when something unusual but good perhaps took you by surprise.

Mine was, after years of ordering in from the same Chinese restaurant I decided to try something else. The restaurant did not know me personally--in fact, all I was was a phone number on a receipt. I don't even think I ever ate there or personally visited to take out. I was just one of many who call in for delivery.

Well, after placing my order and hanging up, the phone rings a few minutes later. It's the restaurant checking to see if the order was placed wrong since they had long associated my phone number with the same order over the years. It sure took away the anonymity of takeout.

Cheer me up--what's your tale?

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