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The unidentified suspect-what cut of steak is this?


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The unidentified suspect-what cut of steak is this?

fldhkybnva | May 20, 2013 05:01 PM

In my haste this weekend, I grabbed 2 top sirloins which actually weren't labeled top sirloin but rather "ground sirloin." The steak on top looked the same as the usual top sirloin cut that I buy weekly and I didn't look really closely at the other but grabbed it because it was the biggest top sirloin I'd ever seen cut in the store and was quite excited. I gave the butcher a quick glance over the counter to verify that indeed they were steaks and not ground and he was like "well, yea that's top sirloin and it's just marked wrong." So, off I went. I had the steak which I'm sure is a top sirloin (picture #1-3 of various prior top sirloins including the one purchased this week) but as I took a closer look at the other it didn't seem the same at all - 1) heavier (my initial reason for grabbing it but 2x as heavy as the usual top sirloin they cut), 2) much thicker - 1.25 inches vs the usual barely 1 inch for the top sirloin, 3) shape and 4) connective tissue on the underside of the steak. I'm pretty sure steak #2 (raw photos) is not a top sirloin, but what is it? Any ideas?

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