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Underipe fruit/veggie in grocery stores

Allice98 | Sep 2, 200905:10 AM

So this isn't a rant exactly, though I am quite frustrated.

How do you all deal with going to the grocery store to find that everything in the produce section is underripe/not ready for consumption? Tomatoes, avocados, peaches? I am going absolutely nuts.

Yesterday I bought peaches - today I hoped that they might be OK to eat and I tried to take a bite out of one... hard as a rock. I don't know how many days it will take them to ripen... and by the time they do I might have forgotten about them and they will over ripen and need to be thrown out.

Seriously, what do you all do? Say you want to make a specific dish - when do you shop? After all some days the foods are ready to eat almost overripe and other days you will buy that peach and it won't be ready for a week!

Suggestions please! And yes, I already understand that flexibility is key but please give me some credit!

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