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still not sure about the best type of turkey

swimmom | Nov 27, 201109:05 AM

Advice invited -- I was disappointed once again by my Bell and Evans fresh turkey. I think I know what I'm doing as far as cooking technique goes, generally following Barbara Kafka's advice, and I always do the same thing and sometimes get great results, so I think the variable is the bird itself. (And I seem to get better birds at other times of the year.) Here are my parameters. I don't have refrigerator capacity to thaw a frozen bird and do not want to thaw one in pots of water; I want a fresh bird. I do not want to get involved in brining, or cooking the turkey outside (although I do have a electric rotisserie for my gas Weber and might try that in reliably good weather -- but not as a plan for November, December holidays in the Northeast). I am not too concerned with price, and would be willing to go to a Kosher butcher if there were valid culinary reasons, but it will add a one hour additional errand to my shopping and it can't be done on Saturday, so it's not always feasible. At the other end of the spectrum, I would even consider a commercial turkey, such as a Butterball, although I've always turned my nose up at them. I realized at the dinner table that I've never actually tried one, and maybe I should. I would also consider Costco, which I love for paper towels but I've never tried their turkey. I just want a reasonably tender bird that tastes like turkey, without days in the fridge or brining. (I am reminded, as I open the Pandora's box of turkey preferences, that the Hawaiian state legislature allowed the humuhumunukunuku's status as "state fish" to expire because they didn't want to revisit such a partisan issue.)

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