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Why do topics get stickied?


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Why do topics get stickied?

nsxtasy | Mar 23, 2011 04:14 PM

I understand why SOME topics get stickied at the top of a forum. They're a guide to the forum. Or it's an announcement by the moderators. Or it's an announcement of a Chowhound-related event. It's usually something out of the ordinary, rather than a routine post or discussion.

However, I don't understand why this topic has been stickied on the Chicago Area forum:

It's a very thorough review of a restaurant, and a very admirable post. But I can't recall any routine review being stickied, no matter how great the restaurant or how comprehensive the post.

I thought maybe it was stickied as a mistake, so I used the REPORT button to alert the Chowhound Team, but they have not unstickied it and I have not otherwise heard anything.

Was it a mistake? Or maybe someone has an idea why it was stickied?

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