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Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #5 - 01/05/11 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Jan 5, 201106:23 PM

Yay, we're back! And it's a TC First - Chef Colicchio enters the competition. The QuickFire is a time challenge - the remaining cheftestants are to try and beat Chef Tom's time in creating a dish.

In the before-the-show, Antonia calls Angelo's penchant for putting his fingers into others' dishes "Chef's Tourette's". :-) And Richard's confessional yet again calls out Jamie for not cooking.

And we're on to the QF - before Tom C. starts, Angelo points out that Colicchio is sweating, and Tom replies "Yeah, I expected that!" Tiffany says to Tom "That's OK, take your time!" LOL

Tom's off and running - Fabio notes that every one of his movements is coordinated with the next one; everything *seems* to be going smoothly until Tom tosses part of a used fish into a bin...and the bin crashes to the floor next to Padma. "Sorry Padma!" he laughs! So how much time does Tom Colicchio take to make a simple but flavorful soup? 8 minutes, 37 seconds! Holy smokes!

Padma explains that the winner will get immunity AND a Toyota Prius - a HUGE prize! And they're off! Everyone runs towards the fridge...except Marcel, who runs to the bin and grabs the rest of Tom's fish. OK, that is REALLY SMART! And Angelo does crudo after Tom C. suggests they don't do something so simple and that they'll take into account a "degree of difficulty". Sheesh.

Time goes by VERY fast - and Dale Talde has virtually nothing to plate, as his noodles don't come out. Mike's dish looks great, and Marcel wonders if his flavors of his dish (which was served just before Mike's) was helping Mike's dish. Oh come ON, Marcel!

Low end - Dale, Jamie, and Angelo (glad Tom called out Angelo for the crudo!)
High end - Mike, Richard, and Marcel - and Mike Isabella wins!

For the Elimination Challenge, they head to Chinatown to serve up dim sum to locals. Based on previews, this could be a debacle! They have to work as a team to serve hundreds of dim sum diners at a major Chinatown restaurant.

They plan back at the house as to what to make...and WHAT a surprise - Jamie wants to do scallops! You can see everyone look at each other with a "REALLY?" In the confessional, Fabio starts up again with the "This is Top Chef, *not* Top Scallop!" Hopefully *this* is what sends her home! LOL

Carla and Casey take one for the team, and will work the floor bringing food out to the diners, relying on everyone else to prepare and get their dishes done. Dale, Angelo and Jamie will all do TWO dishes - really, Jamie? Several chefs say she's the slowest chef - how can she manage two dishes in a high pressure environment?

They go shopping, and Fabio is squicked out by the Chinese market guys cutting turtles up for soup - he used to have a turtle for a pet, so he's not happy with that!

They have to make 180 portions of dim sum's hollered out that if you said you'd do two dishes, you *have* to do two dishes! Jamie's initial dish isn't working out, and when Antonia asks her to talk about the second dish, Jamie walks away saying "I don't have time!"

Hmmmm.....Jamie's getting a LOT of camera time - could this be IT for Miss Top Scallop, boys and girls? ::::Fingers crossed:::::

Susur Lee is the guest judge. Carla remembers how centered and zen-like he was on TCMasters. Mike Isabella is going to be the expeditor, while Carla and Casey are going to be wheeling the carts around.

They're now showing the dining room, and everyone's waiting for the dim sum...and they do NOT look happy! Some food comes out; and then it bogs down again. Everyone tries to pull together, but they're really falling apart. Antonia completely drops the ball on getting Casey's dish out, and yet is bitching about people standing around. Tom goes down to the kitchen, and tells them they have to move faster - diners are leaving! Some diners are actually getting up from their table and walking over to the dim sum carts to get their own plates or taking them out of the hands of those cheftestants who are bringing dishes up from the kitchen.

Comments from the diners: "I can't tell what I just ate - it was fried meat, but I don't know what type of meat!" And even more pointed: "Caucasian dim sum." Ouch. :-)

This Challenge was *no one's* finest moment. How are they going to pick a winner out of what was definitely a debacle? And there are a lot of unfavorable comments for not-so-good food. I guess it's figuring out which was *really* bad and which was just "meh".

It's time for JT - Padma comes into the Stew Room and asks to see Casey, Antonia, Carla, Tre, and Jamie. And these are the LEAST favorite dishes! They didn't get enough food up, and they weren't good dishes.

Jamie's taken TWO hits for her scallop dumplings and the overcooked, oily long beans. Hmmm...but then Casey and Antonia also get hammered. I *hope* Tre's OK based on what we heard about Jamie, Antonia and Casey's dishes. The judges need to finish talking, so they're sent back to the Stew Room, and asked to send up....

Tiffany, Angelo, Dale, and Fabio. These are the favorite dishes! Susur Lee pays Fabio a big compliment re: his playfulness with his dish, and when asked, Fabio said he had zero experience with Chinese cooking. And Dale Talde wins the challenge.

Now the judges deliberate about who's outta there. Jamie, Casey and Tre all get slammed yet again. Can't figure out who it's going to be - PLEASE just make it Jamie and put us all out of our misery? PLEASE?

And we're back at JT - and it's Casey. Holy CRAP. Jamie actually gets to stay again???? Come ON, judges! Even Casey said she and EVERYONE expected to hear Jamie's name, even Jamie did! Jamie said in the Stew Room to everyone else "I'm shocked it was Casey! She didn't get the brunt of it from the judges; I did!" So everyone knows, including Jamie, that she should have been out of there!

Damn. I cannot BELIEVE all of these good chefs are leaving before Jamie!

Previews for next week - looks like Marcel's being an asshat yet again - he gets into Dale Talde's face on a boat, and Dale's previously seen anger could come out again if Marcel doesn't shut up!

:::Sigh:::: I cannot believe this has happened yet again. WHEN are the judges going to get Jamie OUT of there? She's skating, yet again! Will be an interesting read of the Bravo blogs!

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