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Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 3


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Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 3

chefhound | Apr 1, 2013 09:23 PM

Quickfire: The chefs must prepare a vegan dish for George Stroumboulopoulos.
On top: Daniel, Caity and Becky.
On the bottom: Chris S., Rory and Kayla.
And the winner is Daniel.

Elimination: the chefs draw knives to determine if they will prepare a dish for the cafe, bar or dining room for Senses restaurant. The chefs will be cooking against the other chefs in their category. Guest judge is Daniel Boulud.

Cafe: Daniel, Jonathan, Matthew, Nicole
Bar: Becky, Clement, Chris S., Geoff
Dining Room: Caity, Chris C., Danny, Kayla, Rory

For the cafe category, Nicole is on top and Daniel is on the bottom.
For the bar category, Chris S. is on top and Clement is on the bottom.
For the dining room, Caity is on top and Kayla is on the bottom.

So it's between Caity, Nicole and Chris S. for the win. And the winner is Nicole.

On the chopping block: Clement, Kayla and Daniel. Daniel has immunity from the Quickfire, so it's between Clement and Kayla. And Clement goes home.

The structure of the challenge makes for some interesting choices for top and bottom. If all the chefs had been competing equally, I think some of the chefs on top wouldn't have been in the top and some of the chefs up for elimination wouldn't have been. At first, when they called the top and bottom groups, I had forgotten about the separate groups and was quite surprised at the people called.

I was sure that Chris C. was going to be in the bottom. Once again, he just put everything he knew on the plate. He seems out of his depth.

The judges seemed to like everybody in the cafe category except for Daniel. They had more problems with the bar and dining room categories.
They did not like Geoff's dish, especially the drink, they weren't crazy about Becky's and disliked Clement's as well.
The judges had some temperature issues with Danny's scallops and Rory's pork. They were confused by Chris C's dish and kept finding chunks of garlic in Kayla's dish.

So if they were competing equally, Matthew might have also been on top and Chris C. and Rory might have also been at the bottom. And would Chris S's dish been in the top if compared to Matthew's? Ok, enough of my what-ifs. I accept the parameters of the challenge and the judges' decisions.

Final random thoughts:
For god's sake Clement, never tell the judges you know you've been coasting!
Matthew, don't be petty about helping - win by making the best food.
Caity, stop putting everyone else down. You obviously like Kayla's restaurant enough to go there after work.
Daniel, you've been lucky twice now. You're going to have to do better. What on earth were those huge chunks? Not very refined.

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