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Tito's Vodka

Sacto_Damkier | Jan 23, 2007 10:17 AM

I just wanted to let all the vodka 'hounds on the board know about Tito's Vodka. I have been buying it for some time, but I have not seen it mentioned on the board. If you have not tried it, I find it to be an excellent vodka. It is American-made in Texas and has limited availability (Trader Joe's does stock it). The price is $16.99 for 750 mL, but it is comparable - if not superior - to the high-end vodkas in the $30 price range.

Tito's is excellent in martinis and straight out of the freezer, and is value priced which makes it a good vodka for vodka-forward mixed drinks as well. My favorite is to bring it out at parties and surprise the guests.

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