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Tips on tipping - pleeease [moved from Manhattan board}

PerfectPalate | Mar 25, 201211:07 PM

Now it drives me nuts, just because at the end of a meal and some wine (ok, and some more wine) I find tipping a hassle - having to do maths and what hour and after.... Down under (NZ, Aussie etc) wait staff get salaries and then tips are the 'bonus', not the wage. Anyway, my questions are:
- what is the standard % to tip in NY for food
- does one tip other people like cab drivers
- if two of you spend say $800 or so (on a big night out e.g. 20th anniversary) for 2 then is the tip % the same as for smaller meals? Sorry, just asking as that would mean that at these places (we are booking 4 or so for an 18 night holiday) the staff would be paid...$$$$$$$

Not wanting to be cheap - just clear and appropriate in my behaviour:)

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Stu

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