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tiny bone in cooked fish. Is that bad???????

drramin | Jan 1, 200808:59 AM

last night I had a debate with friends at a very nice restaurant in NYC about the health hazard of finding bone in cooked fish. Apparently they are adamant about not eating any fish on their table if it has any bone or remnants of it. They make certain with the waiter that they absolutely don't want any bone in their fish and if they find it they will return it. lo and behold one of their Cod's had a tiny bone in it and promptly returned it. i found this quite comical and asked them for an explanation. According to them there is a twofold problem to this situation.

1) The restaurant tries to save money and they would take a cut of the fish too close to the bone which according to them is undesirable part of the meat

2) if a small piece of the bone is swallowed there is a possibility that you can die as a result of the bone lodging in your esophagus.

how much of this is true? i found this behavior quite ridiculous.

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