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What time does your family eat Thanksgiving Dinner?


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What time does your family eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

ElsieB | Nov 20, 2010 12:22 PM

Growing up, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were usually served around 2-3 in the afternoon in our family. Over the last years my sister and I have had annual disagreements regarding the 'best' time for Thanksgiving Dinner. I like the 2pm range - it is a big heavy meal and seems healthier mid-day. Also that leaves time for an after dinner walk for those inclined. My sister feels that it is called Thanksgiving dinner and should be in the evening. She feels that 6pm is OK, tho she'd probably opt for later if not for me. I have told her that most everyone in the world eats Thanksgiving dinner in the afternoon - so what do all you CH's do? (PS I dearly love my sister and there is no animosity in our disagreement:)

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