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Thread Bumping

cheeseguysgirl | Apr 30, 2008 09:35 PM

I love the Chowhound site, and enjoy learning new things from my fellow posters. I do have one issue. We have been having a lot of thread bumping recently on our board. Most people, when they bump a thread, announce it and add some new bit of information- an update, a change, etc. There are some that don't announce it, and really only add side comments that, if you're not looking at dates, make you think it's a current thread. This can get confusing, when the thread may be a year old and information may not be updated. When I try to report these, or ask the poster to mention it's an old thread to alert new readers, my posts get pulled. Theirs do not, but mine do. Please explain. Also, I recently saw another posters remind others to mention they are bumping a thread, and their post remained. Why are mine getting pulled?



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