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Your thoughts on pizza dough?


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Your thoughts on pizza dough?

Puffin3 | Jan 4, 2013 06:12 AM

Yesterday I watched AB do a show on some of the best things he's ever eaten. The episode was where he kept hugging the pigs head. Anyone see it? Anyway, he ate a spinach covered pizza. The pizza joint he went to was in NY. It showed the chef making the pizza dough. He never mentioned adding salt. He said he let the little patties rise for twenty four years so the yeast would make the dough tastier. Did he put the patties in the 'walk-in' or leave them out? I add some 'high gluten' flour to the basic all purpose flour. Does anyone else do this? I always pre-bake the 1/4" thick bottoms on the pizza stone then cool them then 'build' them. I always lightly coat the bottoms with a bit of OO before putting the grated mozza. cheese layer on. This seems to help the cheese stick to the crust. Any thought or tips you might share? I've got a big annual pizza party coming up soon. I pre-bake about two dozen pizza crusts and stack them on the table. I have about twenty various toppings for people to 'build' their own pizza.

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