thickness of the aluminum layer in tri-ply


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thickness of the aluminum layer in tri-ply

lololo | Nov 8, 2010 10:47 AM

Hi to all!

I am shopping for a new cookware set. I would like to buy tri-ply (or clad I think it's named...) pots.

I would like to know what to look for regarding the thickness of the core aluminum layer or maybe the total thickness of the layers including the stainless steel?

Also, for this kind of pots, does the base need to be more thick than the side of the pots?

I would like to buy something not very expensive, say a maximum of 300$ for a 10 pieces set. I have seen mentionned here Cuisinart Multiclad pro, Tramontina, Calphalon. Tramontina from Walmart seems interesting but it is not available in Canada, well does not seem to be..

Thank for your help!


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