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Tempura: best beverage and appropriate etiquette?


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Tempura: best beverage and appropriate etiquette?

cortez | Mar 5, 2014 04:45 PM

Going to Japan in three weeks for my first visit. Will be trying a wide variety of cuisine styles including a high end tempura restaurant where each item (rotation of seafood and vegetables) is served individually at the counter, one piece at a time. Two questions:

* I've tried sake but can't get motivated for it even after a two hour tasting class covering wide ranging styles and price points. I drink more wine at home (Napa), but also enjoy beer from time to time. Any Chowhound beverage recs for fancy tempura?

* do you use chopsticks, your hands or both for tempura? I'm trying to avoid a major faux pas at my very first dinner in Japan. I couldn't find any mention of this issue in various articles and guidebooks covering tempura.

Thanks for your advice.

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