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travelmad478 | Jul 6, 201302:27 PM     1

We had an early (6:30) Friday night dinner yesterday. For the most part, the food was very good, and the drinks were excellent, but there were some issues that took away from the overall experience.

We started out getting confused by the bread selection and pricing, which apparently has confused a lot of people. (From reading other reviews elsewhere, it seems that when the restaurant opened they were charging $8 for bread, which caused some justifiable outrage.) There are something like five different kinds of bread, and we were initially told by our waiter that we'd be paying $5 for a mixed basket or $2/selection for each kind of bread we wanted (which was a little odd--how many pieces would show up for the $2?) But then I heard him say to another table that the first basket of bread was free. When the check showed up, that turned out to be the case. So at least that was a plus. The bread was very nice, and the accompanying little plate of various butters and jams was a nice touch--I liked the smoked butter and the onion jam very much.

For food we had the grilled asparagus (very good), the bison tartare (excellent), the grilled romaine (excellent), the pickled shrimp (good, not great) and the rockfish (good, not great). In all I thought the prices were OK for what we were getting; on the high side, but the food was inventive and well-presented.

On the down side: first and most aggravatingly, the service was really overdone, to the point of preciousness. I'm happy to hear a short rundown of the menu when I sit down, but just leave it there, OK? You can explain the dishes to me *if* I ask about them when ordering; don't give me a five-minute dissertation on every plate as it is set down. The business with the "fried lemon" on the asparagus ("I won't tell you what it is before you eat it--it's a suprise!") was just silly. We couldn't eat more than two bites before our waiter came back to ask us how it was. For every dish. Really? They're small plates...just let me eat! (We also had to listen to the same long-winded explanations of the menu, the bread, the drinks, each item as it got set down, etc. as every neighboring table went through the same process.)

The other negative was the rushed way things came out. We ordered five dishes plus the bread, and everything showed up within 15 minutes, creating some chaos on a two-top table, and just making us feel very rushed. We were pretty much done eating after being in the restaurant for 45 minutes; I didn't even finish my cocktail until I was already done with my dinner. If we had known in advance that everything would show up more or less instantly, we would have ordered things one by one.

Both of these issues are easily rectified by management, and considering the improvements already on the bread question, I assume they are paying attention. So possibly a later visit will be better.

There were some very nice design elements to the place, in particular the faux hunting trophies on the walls, and (I am finding it weird to mention this, but will anyway!) the bathrooms. The main dining room is a little corporate-feeling, particularly the lighting, but the other rooms were more creatively done.

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