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Teaching children to behave at restaurants


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Teaching children to behave at restaurants

medgirl | Jul 28, 2008 09:25 AM

Hi, I'd like to tap into any knowledge from Chowhound parents who have taught their Chowpups how to eat and generally behave in public places like restaurants.
I have a one year old and shy away from taking him to eateries other than the local Indian and Turkish holes in the wall, where, till date, he has been pretty well-behaved, but now that he is getting more mobile, I can see that unless we start some serious restaurant-training, we won't be able to eat out anywhere nice for years.
I have noticed that French and Italian kids seem to be remarkably well-adjusted to restaurant atmosphere, sitting nicely at the table and eating with the grown-ups. British kids less so.
I would dearly appreciate any tips from parents on how to train a future Chowhound!

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