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Best Tasting Small Roasts?


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Best Tasting Small Roasts?

Niki Rothman | May 29, 2006 05:18 PM

After my recent rotisserie triumph with the two-pound-plus butterflied leg of lamb that came out tender and juicy after a half hour on the little electric rotisserie, I'd like to find out about other smallish cuts of meat that would respond equally well to the same treatment. The weight limit on the rotisserie is about 8 pounds. I can do marinades, brines, and dry or wet rubs. There are two foot-long parallel metal skewers with which you pierce the meat, center it, and tie it up tightly with kitchen string. That's the procedure.

So, I'd like to know as much about smallish roastable cuts of meat as you would care to teach - be they beef, pork, lamb or what have you, cuts that would respond well to being roasted to medium rare. As I don't have much experience choosing cuts of meat for roasting, any tips you have will be welcome. For example, which cut of beef would produce the most flavorful small rare "roast beef", or which smallish pork roast would produce the best flavored, most tender/moist, al pastor.

I'd also be very interested in learning about rubs, etc. that would enhance the flavor of particular roasts, and even menus - what accompaniments go best with different smallish roasts.

So, - your favorite small roasts of any meat (most flavorful), flavor enhancers, necessary prep. work, and with what do you like to serve them to make the perfect meal? All ethnicities welcome!


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