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Tasting of a few chocolates


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Tasting of a few chocolates

Limster | Nov 13, 2005 11:39 PM

* Domori Cru (8g) different single origin chocolates. descriptions of these varietals here:

Impeccable temper, brillant snap to all the pieces, thick on the tongue, rather sticky texture at the end, which I found a tad unusual.

Fairly robust complex flavours. As can happen with single varietal chocolates, these were quite intense and some felt rather unbalanced, exhibiting quite an overwhelming bit of acidity in the finish. My favourite of the lot was probably the Esmeraldas, with a tangy finish that reminded me a bit of soursop.

* Domori Blend No. 1

Great temper as above. A heavily hitter, wielding all sorts of woodsy, smoky, and mild leathery notes with a good undercurrent of fruit. Perhaps a chocolate equivalent of a barolo. Very complex and powerful. The finish I found on the rough side, displaying more acidity than I would have liked. I think this might have its fans, but I personally prefer the smooth elegance of the Pierre Marcolini's Grand Cru Fleur de Cacao 85% chocolate or the honest woodsy nature of the Ecuadorian chocolates from Arriba Plantations.

* Chuao Caracas dark
A good snacking bar, huge bright fruitty notes as expected from a 100% Venezuelan chocolate. Sharp crunchy nuts (pistacchio, almonds, hazelnuts) with very clean flavour, moderately good temper.

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