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Let's talk about Head Cheese.

joonjoon | Jan 14, 201408:36 PM

Inspired by the "Let's talk about Liverwurst" thread.. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/824295

I freaking love head cheese. Why is it so underappreciated? It boggles my mind that people will buy metric tons of shitty "ham product" for their sandwiches while the mighty head cheese seems to be disappearing. And like it's neglected cousin liverwurst, head cheese is one of the cheaper cuts available at the deli. Win!

With (cheap) ham the entire slice is the same ham mush, whereas with head cheese you never know what texture awaits your next bite. My favorite is the gelatin holding everything together, of course. Of all the cold cuts out there, this is my #1 pick for eating straight up. I don't want the different textures to get lost with bread and condiments.

How do *you* like your head cheese? What's the best head cheese you've had?

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