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takeout sushi in 100 degree weather


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takeout sushi in 100 degree weather

Allie D'Augustine | Aug 8, 2001 02:15 PM

Bad idea? I thought it probably was, especially since the only place near enough to run for lunch (that I know of) is one of those places that's actually *called* something like "Take out sushi."

But I was craving it, and I've been craving it for the past few days, so I went. There's a reasonable place near my apartment, but I'm never near home at a reasonable hour.

So the takeout wasn't terrible. Well, the salmon wasn't so hot. (Actually, it was cold, but you know what I mean.) If I went again, I'd probably stick with tekka maki. And I'd ask for an extra thing or two of the packaged wasabi, which didn't seem as hot as the stuff you get in a restaurant.

Back at work hoping the prepackaged sushi doesn't kill me (that is, if I don't die first of embarrassment for admitting that I bought and ate prepackaged sushi),

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