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Ghostquatre | Dec 28, 201411:15 AM     5

My apartment block's washer has broken down, so I had to go do my laundry at the Lavorama on Sherbrooke and I noticed Tacos Tijuana was open, apparently they have been open for a few weeks now.

It looks like my prayers for a taco place in NDG has been answered. Tacos Tijuana is actually owned and operated by the same people from Tacos on Westminster in Montreal West. At first glance, the pricing seems to be quite similar to most Taco places in Montreal, except that they sell them by the unit and the guacamole was included. I wasn't that hungry at the time so I ordered 3 tacos knowing that I can usually eat a lot more. When the food arrived, I was quite surprised at how huge those tacos were. They were stuffed generously with both meat and cilantro/onion. Each taco also came with 2 tortillas. You could easily make 2 impactaco sized taco from all the fillings, except for the fish. These were definitely the biggest tacos I've had in Montreal. It was nice that the menu had fish in it, but I'm a bit disappointed that they did not have carnitas, cabeza and lengua.

They do not have bowls of salsas on the tables. The salsas are added in the kitchen. The guy working there told me it was because most people just try the salsas on their own and seem to be put off by it, not putting any in their tacos. Feeling that salsas are a required condiment to tacos, he adds it by default in the kitchen.

Flavorwise, I'd say it's hard for me to judge based on that one visit. I wasn't particularly hungry and I found that the huge amount of cilantro and onions in the tacos might have made it a bit more bitter than usual. I should have split the filling onto the 2nd tortilla given for one order. Also it would have been nice to sample the salsas on their own. I also generally never order guacamole with my tacos, so having it by default might have thrown me off a bit. The whole thing did feel like a bit of a clusterfuck.

Overall, I'd have to say that it was a pretty good experience. The service was very good and the value was definitely better than most mexican places in Montreal. It's nice to finally have a local taco place in NDG.

Tacos Tijuana
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