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Sweet Tomatoes

faleentoby | May 26, 2009 04:57 PM

This chain has yet to encompass the entire US but seems to be moving slowly in that direction. In some areas it is known as Souplantation. I am not fond of buffet restaurants, but this restaurant outshines any negative you may have in mind for buffets. They have numerous tossed salads, such as Caesar with Asiago and 2 others that change every few weeks. There are then about 30 or more items to 'invent' your own combination. Then come the pasta and potato salads. Choice of about 8 soups. Macaroni and cheese and 2 other pastas. About 3 different types of muffins and breads. Baked white and sweet potatoes. Focaccia breads with different toppings. Then come the desserts, Much of the variety changes every few weeks so it is best to go to their web site and see what they are serving at any time. The price goes up slightly at 4pm and they add an extra dessert to the menu. There is a constant check on the temperature and freshness of the foods that are constantly being replenished. This is obviously not a fancy restaurant, but you can always count on it to have fresh, tasty, reasonably priced meals.

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