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Sushi response and a note to Jim


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Sushi response and a note to Jim

Michele Fuchs | Jun 17, 1998 12:10 PM

Jim, I can never respond to posts, I have to get out and send a new message. Is this common?

In regard to the sushi post, I have another horror story.

Surprisingly, I had a terrible meal all around at ISO on 2nd and 11th. It is one of NY's favorites but
I think it has gone downhill FAST! Not only is the service incredibly rude (and I am nice to a fault
and an over tipper, so I have been told), but they got everything wrong and it was only mediocre and
very small pieces.

Now to the horror...after we ordered $130 worth of sushi amd the lobster tempura appetizer, the already snotty waiter asked
and I quote "soup or salad"? So we said "okay, salad". When we got the extremely high bill we noticed a $12 charge for salads.
When I inquired he said that was the price and this went on about how he said it like it was included like almost every other
sushi place when you order that much sushi. I don't mind paying if I actually wanted it but for a piece of lettuce with a shred of a carrot,
which it was, when I didn't even want it is silly. Anyway, the obnoxious waiter apologized for "ruining my night because of $12" , not to
mention adding up the bill wrong in his favor and being a complete ass! He even followed us out to the street to complain about his tip!
I will NEVER go there again, I beg all of you not to! The staff has become horrible, I went to NYU and went there for years. I was never
so disappointed and UPSET!


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