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Sushi Etiquette question


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Sushi Etiquette question

PaulF | Apr 24, 2006 03:03 PM

I haven't eaten sushi for a while ... just burned out on it, I guess and also I moved and I really haven't found anywhere in my new neighborhood I can afford (also, my sushi money now goes to something the bank calls a "mortgage," but that's another story)

but I'm getting the urge and want to try omakase, just put myself in the chef's hands (my wife who is Japanese American never wants to do this, but I'll talk her into it).

My question is ... how do you relay any dietary preferences to the sushi chef in those situations?

The reason I'm asking is that I recently read a review on the board of a place I might like to try, but one of the dishes had kiwi in it or on it or both in it and on it.

This is bad for me. I'm really allergic. I mean, like, take me to the hospital allergic. I can't even pick kiwi out of fruit salad or off of something. If it has touched it, I could get really ill.

So, how do you politely say "no kiwi." Or do I just run the risk and take my chances. Seems a shame to order seven rounds or courses or whatever (or six or five or whatever) and have to not eat something because of an allergy.

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