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My non-super bowl party (Long)

krissywats | Feb 6, 2006 07:12 PM

I invited about 8 people over for dinner yesterday to see our new apartment having no idea it was superbowl sunday (we're not big sports people). Anyway, 6 of them showed up and I made lot's of fingery type foods so we could talk and munch and play cards. There was no real 'plan' I just cooked what I felt like cooking.

For munchies I made:
*water crackers
*mustard cheddar crackers
*parmesan crackers
All were good - I would probably add a bit more butter or one more egg yolk to the cheese crackers for slightly more moisture next time.

*sundried tomato dip
*carmelized onion dip
*garlicky dill dip
All good. I wasn't in love with the sundried and probably won't make it again but everyone else loved it. My fav is the onion dip - just heaven! And the garlic dip was made with cottage cheese. Nice, didn't 'wow' me but pretty good. What I need is a good, non-dairy dip. Something lighter.

*Assorted veggies and a fruit salad (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and some honeydew melon drizzled with a orange juice and honey mix - was a huge hit)

*Devilled eggs - I forget how much people love devilled eggs. I made the Watson Secret recipe. OK - the secret is sugar. I'm not great with secrets.

*Brie en croute - first time I'd done it this way and I learned a few things. I did brie (with the rind off, I HATE the rind), walnuts, sweet gorgonzola, covered in puff pastry and then drizzled with honey. I forgot the rosemary inside and I really think it NEEDS fruit inside to cut all that rich savory. I wouldn't do it again without fruit/preserves.

For those that stuck around for something a bit heartier I made pork braised in milk - OH MY LORD!! I cannot rave about this enough. It was the most amazing, mouthwatering, delicious and yet UGLY thing I've ever cooked. I seriously looked like cat food but tasted so absolutely delicious. And was the easiest thing I've ever done. I'd heard people rave about it (from Hazan's cookbook?) but I found a recipe in a french cookbook my husband got me and...well, there aren't enough words. The first bite everyone was making those wonderful 'oh...oh...oh my god, oh, wow' noises. Really beautiful thing.

And then I made pasta. who knew pasta could be so bad?
It was supposed to be a 'grown up mac and cheese' with fontina and parm and some other cheeses, tomato sauce and herbs and bacon. But it was a MESS. The directions were horrible and I ended up with a clumpy mess that was tasteless. No one ate that, including me. But then again - you couldn't tear us away from the pork.

And finally - ice cream mavens, listen up - I made a flourless chocolate torte that may be the best I've had - very rich, not terribly sweet with a beautiful glaze - and chocolate ice cream that was passable. But the best was the eggnog ice cream (to which I added that butterscotch crumble mess). Butterscotch and eggnog are my husband's two favorites so he went crazy over it - but the ice cream itself was just fantastic - better be for 7 egg yolks.

So that was it. Now I have to freeze leftovers. If anyone wants recipes - let me know and I'll post here.

Sorry folks, still no pics but I think we're getting a hand-me-down digital camera soon.

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