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Sunday Brunch at Home Wine Kitchen/St. Louis

tonifi | Sep 11, 201104:00 PM

I've been waiting to have dinner at Home Wine Kitchen again, even, hopefully, a "Menu-less Monday" dinner, before I posted... but let's face it...I don't get to go out to dinner very often. I've been once (the family was out of town) but I was hoping to go again before I posted. But I DO have a serious brunch habit, and I just can't wait any longer. I'm going to talk about brunch and save dinner for another time...
Last year my brunch-pal and I mourned the loss of Cassy & Josh from Ernesto's Wine Bar, without them it just wasn't the same...imagine how happy we were to hear that the two were opening their own place in Maplewood. After a too-long wait they finally opened up a few months ago.
The place is small, and I never, ever want to have to sit on one of the stools in the window...(I'll leave that to my skinner brethren)...but the chairs are comfortable and the tables not too close together..it was a little hot the first few times we went but with the end of the 100+ degree weather the problem has resolved itself. The vibe is very casual, we take the kids and the staff is great about scrambling to keep them happy, recommending a quick order of cinnamon bread or (today) bringing a new spoon for the three-year-old to sip his milk from (yeah...I don't know why he needs to sip his milk from a spoon.... ) The wait staff, as a rule, are so nice that I think they must be helping themselves to spoonfuls of sugar in the kitchen...they really seem glad to see us, and even though we've had a couple different servers, they remember how we take our coffee and that we'll want a box if there are any leftovers. Cassy comes out of the kitchen to explain a slight change in the menu, Josh stops by to see how we like the new fruit curd, it's a lot like eating at a friend's house, honestly...the name is well-chosen. And the food...boy, howdy.
Cassy cooks like I wish I could cook, like I think I COULD cook, if I were, you know...way better at it. As you read the menu you think, "Hey...why didn't I think of that?" Chicken & waffles come with the most tender, juicy chicken leg quarter and a couple of crunchy waffles, more savory than sweet. A 'grown-up PB&J' is a grilled sandwich with goat cheese, fig jam, and nut butter, and it is really good, crunchy on the outside, warm & oozy within. The hollandaise is a particularly spicy browned-butter version, which didn't really fly with my twelve-year-old but which I think is freaking delicious. And nobody in the whole town poaches an egg like Cassy. And I am picky about my poached eggs. My brunch buddy now orders the soft-boiled egg with asparagus and 'toast soldiers' drizzled with truffle oil no matter what else she's eating that day...it's so simple but just crazy good, the bread just slightly charred, the egg warm & runny. I actually walked down the street to Vom Fass and asked if HWK bought their truffle oil there and when they said yes, I bought some to take home.
Josh mentioned today that the menu is due to change, and will likely include the pumpkin french toast or waffles we fell in love with last year. I'm really pleased to have such a friendly, comfortable, and delicious addition to our local restaurant choices and one of these days I AM going to make it back for dinner...

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