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Summer Party - should we ask for a donation?


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Summer Party - should we ask for a donation?

joe777cool | Jul 3, 2010 03:58 PM

The last few years my SO and I have had a yearly summer party for around 40 friends, family members, and co-workers. We buy a few kegs, a big jug of adult punch, steak tips, sausage/onions/peppers, a pork or chicken dish, several sides to compliment, and desserts. This isnt your average hotdog/hamburger cookout......

This year we are struggling financially (compared to years past), in addition to trying to save for our wedding. We are also expecting probably closer to 60 people this year.

Heres my question - would it be acceptable to put on the invitations that donations would be accepted? Maybe $5 per person to help out with some of the costs? I could reference some of the reason above.... My only other option is to considerably cut back on the costs (alcohol and meats) which we also really dont want to do.

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated

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