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What do you suggest for someone trying to get into whiskey?


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What do you suggest for someone trying to get into whiskey?

murphlaw152 | Nov 18, 2013 10:50 AM

I have always loathed the stuff. I mean, put 1/4 oz. into a cocktail and I will find it - and hate it. I've tried Scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye, Tennesee whiskey. I don't like Cognac or brandy either. However, working in the spirit/wine world, I am very often criticized for not being able to "appreciate the complexities" of a good whiskey. Always been a wine, gin, and amaro type of person. I appreciate the freshness/crispness of gin and the medicinal qualities of amaro. I do not appreciate the intense smokiness/tobacco/leather/etc. that I get from whiskey.

Is there a particular style or brand that is ideal to ease a person into whiskey? People always suggest that I try bourbon first, because no one can not like bourbon. Most bartenders tell me to try Scotch because it's more focused and easy on the palate than other things. There is just too much information out there and I don't have the patience to figure this out.

I'd love some suggestions - or ideas - or anything.

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