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Stuart Anderson's Black Angus: Who Woulda Thought?


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Stuart Anderson's Black Angus: Who Woulda Thought?

Chino Wayne | Jun 13, 2005 12:29 AM

Or as the mother-in-law calls it, Black Agness. They have expanded their menu. Took the Mrs. to a local branch tonight because she was hungry and I was hungry, and being on the Liquid Diet, I knew for my one "meal" of day I could get a piece of fish.

So I had a ceasar salad (which at a $1.99 upgrade price) is no better than the bagged ceasar salad kit I can get at the supermarket. I also had the "large" 8 ounce piece of their baked salmon, accompanied by rice and vegetables. The rice stayed on the plate (I did have one small taste, your standard, bland, industrial mid-level dinner house rice).

Stuart has improved his vegetables. Instead of the always present steamed, boring, tastelss broccoli florets there was yellow and green squash, carrot and sugar snap peas on the plate. So I scarfed the veggies first then savored the baked salmon. The fish was executed (no not by the firing squad, in the kitchen by a line cook) very well, not all dried out, but tender and moist, with a crusty topping of seasonings.

Now I am really a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but I am having to change my ways, and this entree of Stewart's hit the spot for me.

The Mrs. had a seafood pasta. The pasta were bowties, it came with a white sauce and slices of broiled chicken breast and chunks of steamed lobster. I got a couple of tastes of the lobster, very soft and tender, a little too tender for my taste (I like my tail meat firm) but still lobster-y, with the sauce it almost tasted like lobster Cantonese.

I did not go through the entire menu, because of my circumstances I was trying to avoid the beef and head for the fish. They also had halibut on the menu (not sure how it is prepared), and of course the fried shrimp, the coconut shrimp and the steamed lobster tails.

But I also noticed, they now have a LAMB SHANK on the menu. Who would of thought that this bastion of steak and potatoes would be serving braised lamb shanks?

So if you are in need of some sustenance, don't want to spend a small fortune, are in a hurry, or dressed in T-shirt and shorts, like I was, or just don't have many dining options available where you are, it just might be worth paying Stewart a visit.


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