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Strudel and baklava dough - is there any difference?


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Strudel and baklava dough - is there any difference?

qwerty | Jul 5, 2004 04:14 PM

Viennese strudel supposedly was inspired by baklava in terms of stretching the dough technique. However, I am wondering if there is any difference in making the dough itself that will distinguish strudel from baklava (i.e. has it evolved in terms of dough ingredients as well as shaping the finished product and differences in fillings). Is it essentially the same dough, only shaped differently (rolled vs. layered) with different fillings or is there any difference in the dough itself (thinness, ingredients, flavour)?

I checked lots of sources, but could not find what would be the ultimate answer/the ultimate recipe for baklava and strudel, so I could not compare the two. Modern recipes substitute phyllo dough for both, but I am interested in classic, time-consuming, true to the origin, genuine version.

Thank you.

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