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StripSteak Poivre: 5 days in ziploc, in oil and peppercorns... has anyone tried this?

FoodFuser | Apr 9, 200803:32 PM

I'm hoping NOT to open a new thread on "What's the best steak...", but simply to get feedback on this strip loin au poivre that I'm about to try.

Also, NOT talking about a "marinade" (= acid treatment). No salty compounds, Just olive oil.

In our food reading and gathering, there are sometimes those ideas that you fleetingly incorporate with a positive nod, then move on, but yet they settle into a crevice of that nagging portion of the food brain as "someday.... gonna try it." I believe this was in one of Mark Ruhlman's books, and the conversation was with a hotel chef: they store strip steaks with oil and peppercorns for 5 days.

My main question: Since it is acid free, will it work?

My probable procedure: 1.5" thick strip; Pound gently with the Norpro nail tenderizer (not Jaccard) to open pores; Place in ziploc with oil, and very coarse pestle-cracked peppercorns, along with flat-crushed garlic cloves and some rosemary sprigs. Place in fridge for 5 days, then remove the steak and blot the oil off. Then salt, then press in the coarse peppercorns and prepare as in normal steak au poivre.

So, has anyone tried this kind of acid-free, oil only, ziploc treatment, for this length of time? Comments please.

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