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MUST streamline Christmas dinner--need help with my solutions ??


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MUST streamline Christmas dinner--need help with my solutions ??

Steady Habits | Dec 12, 2008 08:04 PM

I need *two* easy Christmasy entrees. I won't get help cooking or cleaning-up on Christmas Day. Hubby and stepson will cheerfully do any fetching or set-up tasks I ask of them. But they don't know how to cook. And I'm in charge of desserts at a friend's for Christmas Eve. I'm gong to take advantage of that by doubling recipes and having *mostly* the same desserts Christmas Eve and Christmas. Maybe one special extra thing for Christmas. We'll see.

So, I am bound and determined to streamline Christmas dinner this year. But here's the dossier on the guest list: Two people ONLY eat chicken; a couple WON'T eat it.

I'm considering skin-on, boneless chicken breasts. (One diva's in the chicken-only camp, but feels like throwing up if confronted with their--quote-- "little skeletons". Worse, she likes to announce this loudly, dramatically, at the dinner table. LOL). I do really good chicken thighs, but I'm worried that dark meat might push this tortured soul-delicate stomach over the edge, right there in my dining room. Anyway, I can saute or oven roast the chicken, depending on logistics.

I'm also thinking pork tenderloin medallions. Quick, easy and versatile;and if for any reason I needed to, I could put the pork and chicken in the oven at the same time.

Can you help me with:

1) EASY but elegant passed sauces or other optional adornments for each of those two entrees? Something that says, "Not your Wednesday night chicken/pork".

I was thinking of a spiced wine-blueberry reduction for the pork medallions. Yea, or nay?

2) Are there other suggestions? (Not ham; I've served it the last two years.)

3) I'm stumped right now re the chicken. Something not-ordinary, but not time consuming for the chicken?

4) Are there ways I could prepare potatoes ahead that aren't doused in cream or cheeses? Is there something that will dress up twice-baked potatoes, and shout, "The Most Important Dinner of the Year!", since I could do those mostly ahead, then stick them under the broiler to finish while the proteins rest?

Thanks if you can help out poor little beleaguered, long-suffering, stuck-in-the-culinary-wilderness me. :-D

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