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Kirk | Jan 29, 2004 01:44 PM

The thread below about deep-fried bacon (which also includes my nominee for best idea of the week -- tempura kim chee) made me think of something I have only seen once in my life.

Having breakfast at a factory cafeteria north of Atlanta one morning, I saw something on the steam table that looked like bacon but was almost white. I asked the lady standing behind the table what it was, and after about the fifth time she repeated it, I deduced it was something called "streakolean." When I asked what "streakolean" might be, she said, "Wayell, when yew eat bay-con, yew know how it has a streak o' fat on it? This stuff has a streak o' lean."

My guess is that it was sliced fatback, but I wonder two things: Is this something that is served only at factory cafeterias in the Atlanta area? And if not, how widely dispersed is it? I've never seen it in Texas, for example, but I've never looked hard for it either.

And, in answer to your next question ... of course, I tried it. This IS Chowhound, after all. It tasted a little like the salty end piece of a steak done on a grill, in that it kind of liquified into its essential fat components as soon as you bit into it. As I said, I've never looked hard for it again.

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