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Steel cut oats redux


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Steel cut oats redux

Colin Fiberman | Mar 9, 2005 03:07 PM

Recently there was a thread about how bulk steel cut oats are inferior to McCann's and possibly not worth the significantly lower cost.

Normally I buy my oats at a renowned local store, Berkeley Bowl. Their bulk oats come in large uniform chunks and cost $0.89/pound and are much like McCann's.

I was at another store known for its exceptional produce selection, Monterey Market, and went by the bulk foods section. Steel cut oats were $0.59/pound but were much smaller in size and had lots of finely ground oat powder. I bought a bit to try and it made a mushy dull oatmeal.

So it's worth searching around for the right source. Not all products from an otherwise great market are going to be the best.

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