Steamers - What do you use? What's the best?


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Steamers - What do you use? What's the best?

megmosa | May 16, 2010 07:31 PM

For steaming vegetables, what do you think is the best method?

Electric Steamer - Pros: works quickly, can fit asparagus easily, can be set for a certain amount of time. Cons: takes up a lot of space, a pain to clean, lots of plastic, probably will wear out eventually so semi-disposable

Metal steamer insert (the one that looks like a pan with holes) - Pros: easy to clean, takes up very little space, can last a lifetime. Cons: won't fit asparagus (I think), takes longer than an electric one, takes up a burner on the stove.

Pop-up Metal insert (the one that looks like a fan) - Pros: cheap, small. Cons: sits close to the bottom of the pan...does this cause any issues?

Bamboo Steamer - Pros: takes up little space, you can stack multiple ones for more steaming?; Cons: Not as easy to clean? Probably doesn't last long? Same space constraints as with the metal steamer insert.

I have been using an electric steamer, but it does not belong to me and I will have to procure some other steaming source in the near future. I don't think I'll buy an electric steamer because I will have a small kitchen and don't want to collect a lot of electronics.

But...what do you think the best way to steam is? Especially if you like steamed asparagus (and no I don't want to buy one of those ridiculously shaped asparagus cooker pots).


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