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Need a spot to 'propose'...


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Need a spot to 'propose'...

pleezd | Oct 14, 2002 11:56 AM

Hello all!

I have been a long-time lurker, and now, a first time poster. Since I'm posting for help here, I feel like I'm taking taking taking from all you chowhounds, without any giving!......I promise to change that. ;)

But more to my immediate question. As you might have guessed, I'm thinking about finally taking the plunge and proposing to my girlfriend. I probably won't do it for another 6-8 weeks, but I figured I'd better start my homework now....

About me: from chicago, raised in chicago, and love the city and it's food. While I have by no means been everwhere, I think I've managed to check out the vast majority of the 'name' restaraunts around -- the kind that get reviewed in Chicago magazine ;) I don't know if I'm quite the culinary expert to call myself a chowhound, but I know I appreciate a fine meal, and I can generally emphathize with the opinions expressed here.

About her: moved to chicago about 1 year ago, and until she met me, used to eat out regularly at Bennigans and TGIF. Really, that's enough said ;)

SO, I'm looking for a nice restaraunt to take her to -- either for an on-the-spot proposal, or as the begining to an evening that will culminate in a proposal. I personally think some of the gastronic adventures in the city aren't what I want (she thought Tru was too much food, and didn't really enjoy it.) What I want is romantic, obviously. I checked out the responses to the TIBET post below since it seems similar, and nothing offered really seemed to match what I'm looking for. I want a supremely romantic place; the food basically has to be passable. We go to a little spot called Jane's in Bucktown regularly, and I'm looking for something along those lines. Intimate, dark, lots of candles....decent food. As an added bonus, if anyone could recommend rooms with "special" tables, I would really appeciate it. I heard Vivo had a secluded table in an old elevator shaft or something....which I was planning on looking into.

I know this is long, and I appreciate you reading it. It's also very much against the chowhound credo, but I can't think of a place with more accumulated restaraunt knowledge. Really, while I'm looking forward to spending my life with her, I know the 'proposal' is a big deal to I'd like to make it special. All help is greatly appreciated!



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