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My Sous Vide Chicken Experiment

nikki | Feb 17, 200512:10 PM

I did this last night using boneless skinless breasts for a chicken salad. I brined before but did not pan-sear before or grill/broil after - these I will try overtime. I wrapped the brined breast in Glad Press n'Seal(I gather that you can use Saran wrap too and the classic way would be with your food vacuum sealer) with thyme, orange zest, and a tiny dab of butter(optional), minced garlic. I then wrapped it in Ziploc, pressing all the air out. I secured it with butcher's twine(you dont have to but I did so to create a neat package). Put it in a pot of water just below boiling, kept the flame on low all the time. It should never boil. Some chefs say simmer but mine did not simmer. I put the package in the water and kept it submerged with an inverted collapsible steamer. and covered. Left it for 25 - 30 mintes. When it was done, there was maybe less than a tablespoon of liquid. I let it rest for abot 5 mintes, unwrapped it and sliced it into bite sized chunks. It was firm and moist and when I tasted it It was flavorful and juicy. It definitely heightens the flavor of the chicken meat(If you dont like that, marinate with something else). Also, when I put it into my mouth, it kinda..ummm...disintegrated, like a melting mouthfeel(?). It was pleasant.

What I will do better next time: I will marinate the chicken longer. I will try carrots sous vide as well. Basically this is "poaching" in a bag.

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