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Do you know a source to buy Kansui for making ramen or chinese noodles?

FoodFuser | May 5, 200803:24 AM

Finding some Kansui is turning into a daunting and elusive task. It's a mixture of alkaline salts that give the springy toothiness to ramen and some other Chinese noodles.

I'm hoping that in the larger cities with huge Asian markets it is available in powder packets.

Has anyone seen it, and if so could you post the store's name and perhaps I can order via mail? It is also sold in a bottled solution, but I'd be more interested in the powder, for shipping concerns.

Kansui is a mix of sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate. Here's a few links that refer to it:

A noodle page (use ctrl f to find "kansui")


A Japanese food suppliers page, with name brand:


Chinese characters given here:


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