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How Sound Affects Taste


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How Sound Affects Taste

patsully | Jan 2, 2018 06:47 PM

Restaurant design is quickly imitated, so here's hoping designing for quieter restaurants becomes a big trend in 2018.

"Music and conversation should create a veil of privacy around you and your group,” Meehan says, “but they should never overwhelm.” Prairie School draws its inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright. Heisner, the designer, had to mimic the fabled architect’s aesthetics of stone, glass, and wood while avoiding the ricocheting of noise from those hard surfaces. He added carpets, curtains, and leather upholstery—soft elements that absorb sound."

How Sound Affects Taste—and How to Design Around It | SevenFifty Daily

New research is causing restaurant and bar owners to rethink noise control in their venues
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