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Best Smokehouse In The Nation Award

Greyghost | Aug 8, 2009 03:16 PM

What we are talking about here is the very best small independent smokehouse in the United States. All smokehouses should be able to ship anywhere in the nation or at least to the lower 48. Products should include at least smoked country ham, bacon and possibly sausage among other products. Another factor to consider is how many top chefs are devoted to the smokehouse and have said so.

Well, I have spent over a decade looking for this elusive fare and in my opinion there is only one which makes the grade with me. I am opening the envelope now...and the Greyghost Award for the Best Smokehouse In The Nation goes to Col. Bill Newsome's Aged Kentucky Ham smokehouse 208 East Main Street, Princeton, Ky.

Newsome's has been treasured by food experts and chefs over the years, starting with James Beard many years ago. Colonel Newsome passed away many years ago but the tradition lives on under his daughter's expert direction.

Here is a link to Newsom's if you want to check it out.


Of course, opinions may differ and others are welcome to offer their own award for their favorite genuine smokehouses, but after a decade of trying most of them, Newsome's is still the best of the best in my opinion. Nothing else even comes close.

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