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I can't smell or taste a ANY differences ....UGH


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I can't smell or taste a ANY differences ....UGH

914NYC | Oct 1, 2008 06:48 AM

Wine isn't supposed to be difficult (BULLLSH*T!)

Ok, so I buy an oaky Chard. and an un-oaked Chard.

They both taste basically the same to me.

This is infuriating.
I REALLLY want to understand this, but this shit all tastes the same to me.

Oh, and the smell? SAME.

Wine is HANDS DOWN, the most complicated science I have EVER tried to grasp and understand.

There is almost ZERO enjoyment here. This is highly stressful and it is serious WORK, when considering the drinking, the time committment, and all the reading I am doing. It is like a part-time job that is seriously impacting my other interests.

I assume this will takes YEARS, perhaps DECADES before I can do things like skillfullly distinguish between an oaky vo non-oaked Chard. This is the most subtle esoteric science I have EVER endeavoured to undertake and master. EVER. It is probably easier to design a more efficient aerofoil.

But I am up for the challenge.

Life is easy.

Wine, on the other hand, is a Rubik's Cube on steriods, in terms of complexity. (Yes, I have solved that as well)

"Wine isn't supposed to be difficult" ??? God, that is the funniest thing I have heard ALL YEAR.

I realize it takes YEARS to get this down. DECADES. If not, I am starting to think this is all a big inside joke.. Perhaps, the entire industry is smoke and mirrors, and a con job to steal money from PT Barnum's victims....just like "modern art" and Wall St. But I will find out for myself.

Anyways....Tonight, I tasted a Tempranillo wine alongside a Merlot and a California Cab. I was able to tell that the Cab was more tannic than the Tempranillo. However, the Merlot and Cab tasted almost exactly the same. My books told me Merlot was a light drinking wine like Pinot. But not my mouth. It was puckered with that nasty sour itch that you get from a Cab

(On that note, tannic wine is supposed to be tasty? BLEH. Why not just eat leather? Honestly, I prefer Nestle Quik. Now THAT is sumptuous nectar for my palette...from the gods themeslves!! I could DIE and go to heaven if I could drink Gatorade and Chocolate milk. There is something that is OBVIOUSLY incredibly tasty. You don't need to talk yourself into liking it. "This is considered expensive and good, so I guess I like it. Otherwise, I am the ass". God, this infuriates me. But only makes me more OBSTINATE. I NEVER LOSE)

Hopefully I will be able to tell the difference within a few years. I am now gaining weight, but I will SUFFER through this hell it takes to undersand the nuances of wine. I have the time and money and endurance to make this happen.

What "more tannic" ultimately means to me, I have ZERO idea. But, I have memorized the fact that a tannic red goes with Steak, even though a Pinor Gris would go just as well, as far as I am concerned.

On that note, my next step is to try some BLATANT mismatched pairings, and see if there is ANY difference. Like Brie w/ Port. Champagne with a Hangar steak. etc. This might reinforce why classic pairings are just that.

The books say Oaky goes with buttery lobster.
Yea, well, the unoaked is basically the exact same damn thing, so BOTH go with lobster. So what's the point of all this subtle minutia distinction???

It's like trying to discern the difference between different bottled waters. I am sure there is a difference, but does it REALLY matter? You drink the damn water after a long day in the sun. At the end of the say, it's all god damn water.

I really want to "get" wine, but am starting to think it's a genetic skill, which means I am barking up the wrong tree. B/c if you have the AUDACITY to say "wine is easy, just enjoy" ONE of us is seriously missing the god damn point. In a HUGE way. Either it hits you in the face, or it NEVER will ??

With the amount of reading I have done already, I can fake this nonsense forever, and no one will be the wiser. But it would really be nice to actually think there is sometihng to this whole "wine" thing besides total bullshit or infintely subtlety that takes YEARS of training to discern.

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