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Small birds


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Small birds

Seward | Apr 28, 2004 10:43 AM

Some years ago I killed and grilled a robin, in garlic and butter. It had a very fine-grained meat, not unlike pigeon, & was pretty good, though two or three would have been much preferred to one.

One notes references specifically to the species in "Joy of Cooking" as well as James Beard's book on American cuisine. A gentleman bridge-painter (as in Veranzano) from Texas I met once in a bar confirmed that the species is relished there in certain circles.

I delight in telling people about all this, & I suppose if I have a question, it is concerning whether I have it right that English people enjoy similar types of birds undrawn, cooked on toast with the guts (the "trail") running out of the bird's rear-end on to the toast. Has anyone tried this? & if so, isn't there bird sh*t mixed in?

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