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Slow-braised corned beef: post mortem


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Slow-braised corned beef: post mortem

Will Owen | Mar 18, 2007 11:36 PM

As an addendum to an earlier post that I can't seem to find, I mentioned that I'd made some sweeping statements about braising corned beef in a pot in the oven, kind of like a porchetta, and so I figured I had an obligation to up and do it. So I up and did it. The results were a mixed bag, mostly good.

I began by trimming the biggest chunk of solid fat off my corned beef, a 4+ lb. slab of point-cut, and then rolling and tying it and browning it in a mix of lard and olive oil. After it was good and blistered all over, I removed it to a warm place and cooked a chopped onion and chopped pasilla pepper, then laid the meat on top of that and poured in a pint of mixed bouillon and tomato juice, covered it, and set it into a moderate oven (275º). Did not peek for seven hours, by which time whatever genius the process was going to work on the meat surely would have. A sliver trimmed and stuck in my mouth was about all my mortal soul could bear, except that it was stringy. The whole slab was almost gelatinous to the touch, though after it had sat on a platter for a while it cut very nicely. Point cut is much more fatty than the flat, which was one reason I'd chosen it for my test run (the other reason being it was dirt cheap!), and so it was no surprise that the roast was oozing fat onto the platter. Still, as I've noted, it was not difficult to slice, and we served ourselves slabs of that with "smashed" skin-on buttered White Rose potatoes and braised cabbage with bacon. Hoo ha!

I will try doing this with flat cut next, probably NOT for seven hours...we'll see.

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