Best sit-down in Valley Village, CA?


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Best sit-down in Valley Village, CA?

Das Ubergeek | Aug 20, 2007 09:30 AM

I have a (mostly) weekly lunch date with the account manager on my project, who keeps kosher. We are in east Burbank and time-constrained, so Valley Village has been our go-to.

We've been to Le Sushi, and while it was OK, it's a bit of a one-note kind of place. Cafe Eilat is very, very good but gets crowded and we've been there seven out of the last nine times. I know about Golan, and I've eaten at the Fish in the Village place but it was weird -- the smell was unpleasant and the fishmonger stared at us the whole time we were eating.

What else is kosher and good in the area for two men who need to be able to talk over lunch?

While I know the pickings are better near Pico and Robertson, it takes so long to get there that we don't have time to eat... and the last time I posted (I'm such a nudge!) I got a recommendation for Casa del Mar, which I think is no longer there -- it appears to be a day-old bread outlet for Eilat Bakery.

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