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Your simpler Holiday "Sleepers"


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Your simpler Holiday "Sleepers"

chowser | Dec 28, 2008 08:02 AM

I love reading the threads about everything CHer made and turned out great. There are always dishes you make that take a lot of work, but you have the feeling they're going to be wonderful and they are. But, did you have any sleepers these holidays? Something that was easy, that you threw in last minute and was the big hit? It's always nice to have quick easy add-on dishes, and a great surprise when they're a hit (FWIW, I don't mean the "dirty" secrets one that rely on processed food, since there's already a thread on that).

I had planned to make sweet potato gnocchi but decided against it for 25 people. I did Ruth's Chris's sweet potato casserole instead. Everyone loved it. It took no time to prepare and could be done in advance.


The other thing was angel food cake. I haven't made angel food cake since I was a kid but had a dozen leftover egg whites, after making tiramisu eggnot trifle, and decided to tack it on. I covered w/ dulce de leche and toasted coconut. For something that took so little time, it was the big hit of the dessert table. Non fat and people are still talking about it, even more than the much more time consuming tiramisu and key lime cake w/ key lime curd and whipped cream mascarpone cheese frosting.

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