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Silverado CC & Resort - Napa Road Trip Report #4

Chino Wayne | Apr 11, 200210:26 PM     1

Knowing that Mrs. Chino Wayne was to attend a cocktail and dinner reception for the business conference Tuesday evening, prior to returning to the Silverado Country Club & Resort, Chino Wayne stopped to re-supply at a branch of Nob Hill Foods supermarket in Napa. Thus fortified with a pound of sliced country ham, half a pound of Swiss cheese, a loaf of artisanal sourdough a flute of local sourdough, a pound of sweet butter, and a trunk load of wine, Chino Wayne confidently, albeit in a slight wine tasting induced haze, conveyed Mrs. Chino Wayne back to the Silverado.

That evening Mrs. Chino Wayne dined on beef filet with various accompaniments in the company of many inebriated business executives, while Chino Wayne enjoyed his own picnic in the room while filing his report with Chowhound Central. Overall Chino Wayne judged Mrs. Chino Wayne’s participation in the business conference a great success, while Mrs. Chino Wayne was not a member of the golfing fraternity at the conference, she did Chino Wayne proud by not knowing who the conference key-note speaker, John Garamendi is or what political offices he has held, as far as Mrs. Chino Wayne knew this professional politician was just another schmoe.

Tuesday morning Chino Wayne brewed a pot of coffee and dined on the sourdough flute and sweet butter that had been acquired in the field the previous day. Chino Wayne enjoyed all of the locally produced sourdough bread, which had crusts that were sufficiently crusty, although they seemed to be a bit too sweet tasting to Chino Wayne’s taste.

Upon returning to the room at 10:30 A.M., after an arduous day at the business conference, Mrs. Chino Wayne elected to hang out with Chino Wayne in the room for the rest of the day. Later, when Chino Wayne began discussing that evening’s dinner plans with the Mrs., Chino Wayne was arguably distraught to hear Mrs. Chino Wayne state that she was all “beefed out”. While a major set back to Chino Wayne’s road trip plans, as he had for many days hungrily anticipated a hit of prime beef at Cole’s Chop House, ever the resourceful ‘hound that he is, Chino Wayne did not let this nasty turn of events spoil his dining enjoyment that evening. On a more pragmatic plane of consciousness, it also occurred to Chino Wayne that since he does have to live with Mrs. Chino Wayne, that the best tactic would be to withdraw from this battle flank, and live to chow another day.

Fortunately, Chino Wayne, as is his custom, had immediately seized upon and scoped out the room service menu upon the Chino Wayne’s arrival two days before. So, in a flanking maneuver, Chino Wayne in proper deference to the better half, suggested that the Chino Wayne’s dine in via room service that evening. This of course was readily agreed to by Mrs. Chino Wayne, as she knew how surely Chino Wayne could get if not properly and promptly fed, attributing to Chino Wayne, one of her endearments for him of “bulldozer”. It also helped that there was still plenty of wine left from the field work performed the day before.

Mrs. Chino Wayne ordered a Caesar salad with broiled chicken, Chino Wayne ordered a plain Caesar salad and the broiled lamb chops. The plain Caesar at $11.00 and the chicken Caesar at somewhere around $16.00 or $18.00 were overpriced. The plain Caesar consisted of torn Romaine leaves, a meager few shavings of parmesan, some lame, mass produced croutons, and a small plastic container of a creamy dressing. The chicken Caesar was more of the same, with some broiled chicken. Both salads were accompanied by a couple of sections of warmed sourdough flute and butter. As is his standard operating procedure, Chino Wayne remained silent, as Mrs. Chino Wayne carried out her standard operating procedure of monopolizing the bread. This of course was basic to Chino Wayne’s dining strategy, knowing full well that Mrs. Chino Wayne would fill up on bread, thus providing an opportunity later for Chino Wayne to score some portion of what ever else was to come for Mrs. Chino Wayne.

The lamb chops were suitably black and charred on the outside, frenched with some complimentary seasoning crusted on them. They consisted of one double chop and two triple chops. The chops were magnificent, cooked medium as ordered, they were tender and melt-in-your mouth delicious, with a subtle lamb taste that was enhanced by the bits of lamb fat that had been left on the chops. The plate presentation was very pleasing to the eye, and the chops were accompanied by a dollop of mashed potatoes, a few sprigs of brocolini, some miniature acorn squash and some baby carrots, with some radicchio leaves as garnish. This was a very satisfying meal, the only downside was that Chino Wayne regretted that he had ordered only a single portion, as he could have devoured about four more triple chops.

It should also be noted, that due to his superior tactical response to that evening’s dining situation, Chino Wayne’s ordering in to the room meant that he could forget his mother’s table training, and instead of a knife and fork, could use his big mitt to go for the gusto and grab the chops and clean them to the bone. Also due to his wise tactical maneuvering, Mrs. Chino Wayne offered Chino Wayne a portion of her apple cobbler. Now it must be stated in this report, that in all accuracy Mrs. Chino Wayne, who is a recognized expert with many years of experience in consuming cobblers, that this dish could not be properly termed a “cobbler”. The dish was more like an apple crumble, and consisted of apple slices, in very little moisture, covered with a blanket of flour, brown sugar and cinnamon, then heated. Served in a small ramekin, suitable for an individual soufflé or crème Brule. Although not a true cobbler, the experience of consuming it was not in anyway less than very pleasant, especially for such a sugar deprived ‘hound as Chino Wayne.

All in all a very pleasant in-room dinning experience was had by the Chino Wayne’s. Chino Wayne is now racking his brain, to come up with a plan as to how he and the misses can be served in similar style and taste within their own bedroom suite at the Chino Wayne’s manse in lovely, odiferous Chino. Total price for this room service dining including one plain Caesar salad, one chicken Caesar salad, one order of lamb chops, one apple “cobbler”, one Coke, and two Calistoga sparkling waters was approximately $100.00.

Silverado Country Club & Resort
1600 Atlas Peak Road
Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (707) 257-0200

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