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Shelf Life of Refrigerated Products?

wintersummer | May 17, 200806:56 AM

I was reading Everyday Food and came upon a short piece about the recommended shelf life of opened refrigerated products. Here's what it said:

Ketchup and Barbecue Sauce - good for up to 4 months
Salsa - good for up to 1 month
Mustard - good for up to a year
Jam/Jelly - good for up to 6 months
Maple Syrup - good for up a a year
Pickles - good for up to 2 months
Mayonnaise - good for up to 2 months

I go through considerable amounts of mustard, so that's not a problem. But, I rarely use the ketchup, jam, syrup, or mayonnaise - they are in the refrigerator mostly for the rare instances they are needed in a recipe. I do discard products when they've past their expiration dates - but some of the items above don't have expiration dates (ketchup, salsa, syrup)

Do you follow these guidelines?

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