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Sharpening help

duckfat_33 | Oct 17, 2011 03:49 AM

Hey all,

Just a quick question for the sharpening gurus here.

I've just started to develop an interest in Jap knives, and freehand sharpening. I've read Chad Ward's book, and a lot of stuff online. I've bought a few knives, but I'm first practising on some old blunt ones: My housemate's old Victorinox chef's, and a very blunt Kasumi paring (my Mum does not know how to look after knives). Both stainless steel.

I'm using Naniwa superstones - 400, 1000 and 5000. Then stropping with chromium oxide.

I'm sure my technique is pretty poor, but I'm being slow and patient, and trying to minimise wobble. I aimed for 20 deg on the Victorinox and 12 deg on the Kasumi.

The issue? I don't seem to be raising a burr, and the knives are getting sharper, but really not super sharp. Why am I not raising a burr? Is it the metal? Do I need to start with a coarser stone? Not enough pressure? Or is it just from choosing the wrong angle to start with?

I'd appreciate any advice!

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